FCB1010 - 3

Updating the FCB1010

The Behringer FCB1010 is a solid and reliable MIDI-pedalboard. I’m not that keen on behringer stuff otherwise but this thing only handles MIDI, no audio is involved. Unfortunately there is one huge catch – it’s a real pain and very time consuming to program it through the pedals. But don’t be discouraged there is a […]

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A day in the life…

I arrived at Uppsala Stadsteater at 9 AM. It has been quite chilly the last couple of days so it came as a relief when I finally got inside the building after a 15 min walk. My job consisted in mending some problems with the studio computer and trying to reinitiate a Euphonix MC Pro.

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Elouise Burrell, Still Walkin’

I had the great privilege to be part of Elouise Burrell’s new album titled, Still Walkin’. Yours truly plays the electric bass on Still Walkin, The Creator has a Master Plan, Never Gone From my Heart AND Dancin’ In the Sky. You will enjoy this one if you are into “World Music”

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Logic Pro 9.1.2 has arrived.

About the Logic Pro 9.1.2 update This update improves overall stability, provides numerous fixes and improvements, and is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9. Running Logic Pro 9.1.2 in 64-bit mode requires Mac OS X v10.6.2 Snow Leopard or later.

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The new RME Fireface UFX is out!

RME introduces a new Audio Interface. The Fireface UFX is RME’s new flagship and works both with USB and Firewire. The Totalmix interface is revamped and is supported by two different DSP-chips. According to RME it’s already shipping.

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