MainStage 3.2 is released

MainStage 3.2 release notes


MainStage 3.2 also includes the following updates:

  • Includes general stability improvements.
  • Metering for Outputs higher than 1-2 now works correctly.
  • Changing the MIDI > Display Middle C preference now updates the Keyboard in the Layer editor to match.
  • It’s now possible to reduce the size of the MainStage window further.
  • Clicking the Channel Strips area now consistently brings the focus there.
  • Pasting a patch as an alias now works when the parent patch has been cut or deleted.
  • The ruler in the Waveform screen object now properly displays time.
  • Controls mapped to Send to All > Keyboard Destinations > Channel Strip Parameters > 7 (Volume) now work as expected.
  • Custom key commands now work more reliably after MainStage is quit and reopened.
  • MIDI is now reliably passed through to Channel Strips that contain a bypassed instance of the Scripter plug-in.
  • Some notes are no longer triggered with an unexpectedly low volume when Speed MIDI Control is mapped to the Mod Wheel.
  • MainStage now immediately recognizes aggregate devices created in Audio MIDI Setup while MainStage is running.
  • With two open concerts, closing one, and then switching to the second no longer stops MIDI and audio from passing to and from the remaining concert.
  • Smart Controls are no longer missing if MainStage is launched as a log-in item, with the option to open the most recent concert at launch in Perform mode.
  • The Layout mode Screen Control Inspector now updates reliably after an external controller is assigned.
  • The Audio preference pane no longer lists “Display Audio” twice for each connected display when two Thunderbolt displays are connected to the computer.
  • Sustain pedal off messages are now sent to external devices if a patch change has been sent with the sustain pedal pressed.
  • Continuous screen controls no longer send a MIDI value that is 1 value lower than the onscreen parameter control shows.
  • Switching from one patch to another while playing MIDI now quickly triggers sound.
  • The sustain pedal now continues to work reliably after its mapping is changed.
  • The MIDI Out tab for the External Instrument channel strip Inspector now offers a checkbox to control whether Expression is sent to the instrument.
  • Switching between patches that use the I/O plug-in no longer causes audio pops or glitches.
  • Dragging a PDF to the Image Well for a background object now works as expected.

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