MainStage 3.2.1 – a quick bug fix!

MainStage 3.2.1 release notes


Learn what’s new in MainStage.

  • Includes fixes to improve stability and reliability.
  • Alchemy Smart Controls now update reliably when MainStage is reopened after quitting unexpectedly.
  • Mono instances of the Vintage B3 Organ now play reliably in tune when using a Global Tuning offset.
  • It no longer takes two attempts to make adjustments to the tempo of a Loopback instance at the Set level.
  • The Download Additional Content window now displays the correct language when the primary language is set to English and the region is set to a non-English-speaking region.
  • Concerts that contain custom panel background images now open reliably.
  • Show Detailed Help works as expected again.
  • Aliased patches exported from MainStage 3.2 now properly trigger an Import Alias dialog when reimported.
  • The Gain Reduction meter is again visible in the Limiter plug-in.
  • Knobs on Smart Controls now reliably adjust when accessed from Logic Remote.
  • MainStage no longer sends duplicate MIDI messages in some cases where a layered split is defined at the Concert level.
  • Large concerts saved in previous versions now open more quickly.
  • The Reverse IR function works as expected again.
  • Text inside text objects in patches that do not contain channels is now reliably retained when a concert is saved and then reopened.
  • Resolves an issue which stopped some older concert files from opening in MainStage 3.2
  • The correct inputs for external instruments are now reliably retained when reopening saved concerts.
  • Loopback now properly retains the monitor setting when it is set to off.
  • Mappings for Screen Controls that select Playback markers are now correctly retained in saved concerts.
  • Using audio files with special characters in the filename in Playback no longer causes MainStage to unexpectedly quit.
  • Waveform screen control object mappings now display the correct image, and save as expected.

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