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MainStage 3.0.3 Update

MainStage 3.0.3 – Release notes

MainStage 3.0.3 release notes Symptoms Learn more about MainStage 3.0.3. MainStage 3 is a paid upgrade to MainStage. For more information, see www.apple.com/logicpro/mainstage. Resolution MainStage 3.0.3 Improves stability and reliability, including to resolve these issues: MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when opening a concert that was created in MainStage 2.x and is missing some content. Resolves an […]

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Logic Pro X 10.0.5 Update

Logic Pro X 10.0.5 is here and it’s massive!

Logic Pro X 10.0.5: Release notes Symptoms Logic Pro X 10.0.5 is an update to Logic Pro X. Logic Pro X is a new paid version of Logic Pro. Resolution Logic Pro X 10.0.5 update New features and enhancements Includes 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches. Significant enhancements to Channel EQ […]

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Logic Pro X is here in all it’s glory.

The long wait has come to an end. Logic Pro X has finally been released with a bunch of new features including Flex Pitch, Smart Controls, Track Stacks, Drummer, Drum Kit Designer, A New Synth and much much more… Logic Pro X can be downloaded from the App Store More info on Apples Logic page. […]

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Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 11.34

Articulation ID?

There are always undocumented changes when updating Apple software. Some of you out there are eagerly awaiting a new version of Logic Pro. One thing that seems connected to a bigger picture is something hidden inside the Hyper Draw menu. A certain Articulation ID is visible once you start a new project but if you […]

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FCB1010 - 3

Updating the FCB1010

The Behringer FCB1010 is a solid and reliable MIDI-pedalboard. I’m not that keen on behringer stuff otherwise but this thing only handles MIDI, no audio is involved. Unfortunately there is one huge catch – it’s a real pain and very time consuming to program it through the pedals. But don’t be discouraged there is a […]

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A day in the life…

I arrived at Uppsala Stadsteater at 9 AM. It has been quite chilly the last couple of days so it came as a relief when I finally got inside the building after a 15 min walk. My job consisted in mending some problems with the studio computer and trying to reinitiate a Euphonix MC Pro.

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